Visual Studio 2017: Install

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Settings for use for development using Kinect SDK for Windows 2.0

In order to develop C++ programs with Kinect SDK for WIndows 2.0, "Windows 8.1 SDK" is required for Visual Studio Professional 2017 or Visual Studio Community 2017.

  1. Start Visual Studio Installer from Windows Start Menu.

  2. This is the installer screen of VisualStudio2017 Community. When you click to the right of "Update, Start", a menu will be displayed, so select "Change".

  3. When you select "Desktop development with C++", "Option" is displayed on the right side of the window. If "Windows 8.1 SDK and UCRT SDK" is not checked, check and install it.

Options for clean installation

私が手元で "Visual Studio 2017 Professional Update 2" をクリーン・インストールしたときのオプションは以下の通りです。

Yoshihisa Nitta