NtKinectDLL (DLL) for NtKinect

NtUnity (C# Wrapper)

NtKinect_py (Python Wrapper)

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NtKinect is a class library to use Kinect V2 from C++ easily. In order to use it from other programming languages and development environments, NtKinect's function needs to be Dynamic Linking Library (DLL). We developed NtKinectDLL which is a library with NtKinect's functionality almost fully DLL, and NtUnity which is a wrapper file for Unity (C#). For the convenience of the users, we will release them as an Open Source of MIT License.

We will also release Python wrapper, NtKinect_py, additionally (Nov/08/2017 added).

[NOTICE] The reason for saying "almost fully" above is becase "speech recognition" is excluded. To recognize speech, Microsoft's "Speech Platform SDK v11" needs to be installed on the system. If the SDK is mandatory. the hurdle to use NtKinectDLL library will rise. If you need "speech recognition", please refer here and you can add it easily.

[NOTICE 2] Personally, we recommend using the Google Cloud Platform's Speech API for speech recognition. If you are using the Google Cloud Plaftorm's Speech API in C++, please see here.

Prerequisite necessary items

It is assumed that the following softwares are installed. If the installation path is different, please read as appropriate.

[Notice] I uploaded some projects with Visual Studio 2019 and OpenCV 4.1.1 to github.(Aug/31/2019)



Latest Version: Version 1.2.6 (2017/11/08) based on NtKinect 1.8.2

How to Compile

Old version(s)


The C# Wrapper of NtKinectDLL. You can use it to drive Kinect V2 via NtKinect in Unity.

Old version(s)

NtUnity Tutorial

we will explain how to use Kinect V2 with Unity via NtKinectDLL and NtUnity.


Wrapper to use NtinectDLL from Python. Kinect V2 can be used from Python via NtKinect.

NtKinect_py Tutorial